Roof for bicycles that allow you to ride your bike throughout the year.

Protects you against rain

Protects you against cold

Makes bike riding comfortable

Use your bike throughout the year

We make roofs for bicycles that allow you to ride your bike throughout the year.

They enable you to travel longer distances and use your bike every day,

no matter the weather.

bike with a roof
bike with roof
bicycle with a roof
bicycle with a roof

Advantages of Using a Bicycle with a Roof:

  • Weather Protection: Roof on the bike shields you from rain and significantly reduces the impact of wind, ensuring you stay dry and warm during your rides.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The roof acts as a wind barrier, greatly minimizing the effects of strong winds. This ensures that even cyclists with sensitive eyes won’t face any discomfort, allowing for a smooth and pleasant ride.
  • Sun Protection: The rear part of the roof is painted to offer effective defense against the harsh summer sun, providing valuable UV protection.
  • Riding Comfort: The ergonomic backrest not only increases comfort but also enhances pedaling efficiency, leading to a smoother ride.
  • Safety Boost: A bicycle equipped with a roof not only enhances the bike’s visibility but also ensures the safety of the cyclist. Additionally, it serves as a protective barrier in the event of collisions.
  • Collision Safety: The polycarbonate roof is designed to safeguard the cyclist in the event of a collision, ensuring durability and crack resistance.
  • Year-Round Use: Designed for all seasons, it enables you to enjoy biking regardless of weather conditions.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The roof on the bike has an aerodynamic shape, which reduces wind resistance and contributes to better cycling performance.
  • Stylish and Practical: The basket cover not only adds visual appeal but also offers protection from rain, ensuring your belongings remain dry.
  • Psychological Factors: The perception of being enclosed within the protective roof make a rider feel more secure and confident. And it contribute for more security and confidence.

We recommend:

  • We recommend choosing an E-bike with suspension, the women’s frame style (without the top crossbar), for easier entry onto the bicycle.
  • Installing a double kickstand is recommended to prevent the bike from tipping over in windy conditions when parked.
Adjustable Roof Features:
  • The roof can be adjusted in all directions—front, rear, upward, and downward—to cater to different rider heights and bike sizes.
  • Requiring just about 2 minutes, the roof can be easily removed or reinstalled.
bicycle with a roof
bike with a roof


Address: Roman Pogačar, Pod hribom 15, 1235 Radomlje, Slovenia

bike with a roof

Additional protection for rainy or colder periods can be added to the roof.

bike with roof
bike with roof
a bike with the roof
a bicycle with a roof
bike with roof
bike with roof