Roof for bicycles that allow you to ride your bike throughout the year.

Protects you against rain

Protects you against cold

Makes bike riding suitable

Use your bike throughout the year

We make roofs for bicycles that allow you to ride your bike throughout the year.

They enable you to travel longer distances and use your bike every day, no matter the weather.

The roof provides additional comfort when riding a bike:

– It protects you against rain. – It protects you against cold, as it significantly reduces the effect of wind. – It makes bike riding suitable for people suffering from dry eyes, as it offers wind protection. – It offers protection from the intense summer sun (the rear part of the roof is painted). – The backrest offers more comfort and gives the cyclist more power in pedaling. – It improves the bicycle’s visibility and thereby also the safety of the cyclist. – The roof protects the cyclist in the event of a collision. – The roof is made of polycarbonate and will not crack in the event of a collision. – It enables you to use your bike throughout the year. – It reduces the bike’s wind resistance on account of its aerodynamic shape. – The cover on the basket improves the look of the bike and protects our stuff against the rain. – If the wind blows by side, riding is not problematic.

We recommend:

– E-bike with suspension without a bar (women’s bicycle shape), to get easier on the bike. – Double kickstand so even stronger wind cannot tip the bike over when it is parked.

Price list:

– set: 350 EUR – roof (polycarbonate) – not colored: 200 EUR

Send your orders or questions to:

– Design of the roof is protected in EU.

– The assembly in our company or at your local retailer is cost-free.

– We are looking for retailers and investors for our products. Contact us at:

The set includes:

– polycarbonate roof – the rear part is painted, – the front and rear metal bracket in white color, – upholstered backrest, – basket with a cover made of polycarbonate – painted, – fasteners, – assembly and maintenance instructions.

Instructions for cleaning